How to Make an IPod Touch Stand Out of Legos




I will show you a quick way to make a stand for your iPod touch/ iPhone out of Legos. When you want to enjoy a show on your mobile device, but don't feel like having to hold it the whole time, this is for you.

Step 1: Materials

36 2x4 pieces 2 2x2 pieces 4 2x6 thin pieces (optional) 5 2x8 thin pieces 1 1x6 piece 1 1x8 piece (Any of the pieces can just have the knobs on them added up and could count, except for the thin pieces I recommend having the exact pieces)

Step 2:

Build a rectangle outline so the outside knobs of the rectangle are 20 x 8. Then add a second layer on top of that.

Step 3:

If you want to, add 1 2 x 6 thin piece to the bottom of each side of the rectangle for stabilization.

Step 4:

Add 5 2 x 8 pieces to the top of the rectangle, leaving one knob in between each piece.

Step 5:

To one longer side of the rectangle, add 4 2 x 4 pieces and one 2 x 2 piece. Then on top of that add 4 2 x 4 pieces. Then on top of that add 3 2 x 4 pieces and one 2 x 2 piece. Then on the other longer side of the rectangle, add one 1 x 6 piece and one 1 x 8 piece. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy not having to hold your device!



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