How to Make Bane Berry Ink/Paint

Making ink/paint from natural berries is very easy and can be cheaper then buying ink or paint.

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Step 1: Getting Your Bane Berries.

Bane berries are a very dark purple and grow on small stems.The plant itself has a light purple stem with medium sized dark green leaves.I use scissors to cut of the stems because the berries are very easy to bust and will stain just about everything(including your skin).WARNING:DO NOT EAT!!!!,they are poison.

Step 2: Prepping Your Berries

Once you've gathered your berries it's time to prepare them.Take the stems and pick each berry of one by one.Don't squeeze them to hard because they bust very easy.

Step 3: Juicing Your Berries

I used a tin can with holes poked in the bottom as a filter and smashed them with a cup slightly smaller then the can.

Step 4: Preserving the Ink

Add 1 tbs of salt and 1 tbs of vinegar to the juice.The salt keeps mold from forming and the vinegar preserves the color.Now just put in in a container and your done,happy writing/painting.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago


    Another very effective use for these Polk berries is making a tincture from the root after the leaves and berries die. It really helps the immune system in small doses..maybe one or two drops as a dose.

    Great tutorial! I had a bunch of these berries growing in my backyard! I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but after I put in the salt & vinegar, the ink started to foam and spill over my container a bit...the foaminess went away after a day or two though. So don't fill your container to the top, just in case!


    5 years ago

    I hate to bust your bubble, but these aren't baneberries at all. These are Polk berries and have quite a few uses. I f you eat a lot of them, it may make you sick, but the major use for them was as Polk berry wine, used as a mild laxative.