How to Make Bannana Soda

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My friend and I love writing fan fictions. Sometimes we even write them together! So, one day we wrote a very silly story called The Missing Pants. It starred Derpy Hooves and Rainbow Dash. I'm not going to type the whole story because it should be posted on pretty soon (I'm Sky Productions on the website). I will say one quote though! 'So Derpy called out to Rainbow Dash. "Derp! I need a soda that is bannana flavored!" Rainbow Dash bowed and said "Yes Sir!" And she set off to the kitchen.' The moment we wrote that we quickly realized bannana soda NEEDS to be a thing. I know that they DO sell it but, it needs to be special.

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Step 1: Hannah Bannana (Soda)

You will need a few unusual things for this bubbly beverage.

-bannana extract
-sugar (liquid sugar is easier to use)

Step 2: Pure Bannana

Pour a generous spoonful of the bannana extract into the cup so it forms a thin layer on the bottom.

Step 3: Hey, Suga

Take your sugar (or liquid sugar), and pour several tablespoon of sugar into the cup. Then stir well. If there is anyone hesitant about that much sugar, remember, it's SODA and it has a bum load of sugar.

Step 4: Derpy Bubbles!

This step is easy because you just need to pour the seltzer into the cup without any measurements! When the liquids meet the top of the cup, stir it again.

Step 5: Done!

This drink probably smells strong of bannana, but it's really great! Enjoy your bannana soda, and check out my fan fictions every once in a while! (My fan fictions appear to be more humorous than serious, so the characters I use will probably not act... Well... Normal...)

P.S. If you make the bannana soda, have comments, questions, or suggestions, just write in the comments!



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    5 years ago

    DaRubberBandFan03 Ok, I'll try that then! And uhh oops... I knew that it was spelled banana...


    5 years ago

    Make ice cream in a bag! P.S. It's spelled banana, not bannana.