How to Make Beats My Way

When and if you read this you will learn a way to make music of your own.This is how I made music of my own,it's a fun thing to do when you're bored.

Step 1: Step 1.) Site

Step 1.)Site

I personally use the site beatlab because you don't have to download it.Many sites for making music considers downloading an app.Well some laptops don't let you download stuff so that's why I like this app.You see that red arrow,press the CREATE,the arrow is pointing to,to make your music.

Step 2: STEP 2.)Sounds

The CREATE will lead you to a bunch of square things.When click on the squares they turn can make the graph longer.See the red arrow it points to the GENRE.when you choose a different genre all the sounds are different.The blue arrow leads to PICK A SOUND.When you get on pick a sound well you pick sounds you want that aren't on the list ready for you.

Step 3: STEP 3.) Create

First what I do is start a pattern that sounds good.Then I put a part where the good stuff comes in.You know like the bass and piano instead of just drum beats.First what I do is put the come-in and drum beats.Then I add the bass and wood-winds.Here I've got an example beat i made It's not the one shown but it's a good one.just go to the site below.

You may check out more on the link if you want to



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    Awesome resource