How to Make Bitchin' Resin Photo Magnets!





Introduction: How to Make Bitchin' Resin Photo Magnets!

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Step 1: Materials

Jar lids, spray paint (I like to paint the jar lids so they look pretty), scissors, paint brush, mod podge, Easy Cast clear casting epoxy, glitter, glitter glue, images (these can be photos, magazine images, drawings, whatever!) children's medicine measuring cups, a jar for mixing, a plastic knife, magnets. All these things are things you already own or can be found and purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Step 2: Cut Out Images

After you have spray painted your lids and they are dry and you can no longer see the brand name under the paint you're ready to trace and cut out images. Pick an image you like and place the lid over it. Trace with a sharpie around the lid then cut out your picture.

Step 3: Coating Images With Glue

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you completely coat and seal the front, back, and sides of your image. I put two semi thick coats on the from and the back and a good globby coat on the side. Let the glue dry completely.

Step 4: Placing Image Inside Lid

After you have thoroughly covered the front, back, and side of your image and allowed the glue to dry place a dot of glue inside the lid and place your image inside. I like to add another layer of glue once the image is inside paying close attention to the sides.

Step 5: Adding Glitter and Embelishments

After the glue from your last layer has dried you can jazz up your image by place small 3D objects inside, drawing with glitter glue, adding glitter powder and bobble eye etc.

Step 6: It's Time for Resin!

This is super important! You have to measure carefully and add exactly equal amounts of both parts of the epoxy for your project to work. If you do not add equal amounts the resin will never dry and you will have a sticky mess! Measure out both parts and mix them together in a disposable container. It doesn't matter how much you mix as long as both parts are equal. Stir the mixture for one minute clockwise, stop and stir counter clockwise for another full minute and then pour into the jar lids and stop just before you reach the top.

Step 7: Now Watch Them Dry! or Not It Will Take Awhile.

Allow the resin to dry for at least 24 hours on a flat surface where they will not be disturbed. I don't recommend leaving them or making them outside because dust, bugs, leaves, etc will end up in them. After they are dry glue a ceramic magnet to the back and enjoy! These make great personalized homemade gifts!



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    13 Discussions

    Neat! Love the vintage look!

    Thank you for sharing! Here is what I made thanks to your creativity!!

    13, 9:17 PM.jpg

    Hi Kait! I like this instructable. Do you know how UV resistant the Easy Cast Resin is? I have an idea, but it will get a lot of sunlight and I don't want it to yellow. I looked on the web and found some others, but they seem to be pricey and often larger quantities. Thanks for sharing your project. Bill

    2 replies

    What you can do is instead of using the matte mod podge for sealing your images like I used is use the special paper mod podge instead. It is supposed to have archival qualities and keeps photos and paper from yellowing. Good luck! Hope I was helpful!

    It would probably help if I would be more descriptive. I'm wanting to make an emblem for a car. I'm not worried about the image fading or deteriorating. I was more wondering if the Easy Cast Resin would yellow if the car was out in the sun which we have a lot of in Texas! BTW I see you're in Albuquerque. That's were I was born -- quite a while ago though. :)

    It is true you can use bottle caps too! The only thing is that they are tiny! Jar lids give you move space!

    Hi kaitquetal! I think these are absolutely adorable! My mother has an insane habit of saving jars. While some are useful to store things, most of them are a pain in the patootie. Especially when we start arguing about who's the bigger pack rat. You have given me an idea of what to do with if not the jar itself, certainly the lids. Thanks! I'm going give this a try!

    1 reply

    This works well with bottle caps as well, and you don't want/need to paint them.

    Cool que tal !! I like your work :)

    If somebody put that on my frig, I'd be 'bitchin' too!!

    1 reply