How to Make Cake Pop Hearts With Wings



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We love making cake pop hearts and we know you will too! Make hearts with a heart mold and use a leaf cutter on modeling chocolate (see our other video, How To Make Modeling Chocolate) to make wings. Full instructions below!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 box cake, or 2, 8” cakes of your own recipe)
  • up to ½ cup frosting (at least half a cup) • silicon mold
  • handful of candy clay/ modeling chocolate
  • small leaf cutter
  • lollipop sticks • candy melts


This amount of cake makes roughly 20-30 cake pops, depending on the size of your cake mold. If you don’t have a mold, you may use a cutter to cut hearts from a 1” layer of cake/frosting mixture pressed into a pan. Let’s go!

Step 1: Instructions

1. Trim the dark edges of the cake, if desired.

2. Cut cake in quarters. Over a bowl, rub two portions of cake together to crumble. Repeat until all the cake is crumbled into the bowl. Fine crumble with fingers, removing dark pieces if desired

3. Add just enough frosting until the cake clumps together when squeezed.

4. Take a portion of cake mixture that will fit into the mold and roll tightly to pack mixture together.

5. When cracks are no longer visible, roll loosely to form a ball

6. Press the ball into the mold, removing or scrape away any excess cake, and smooth with fingertips. Cover and refrigerate for 15 minutes to harden.

7. Meanwhile, knead candy clay so that it is pliable. With a small rolling pin, roll clay flat to about ⅛” thickness. Cut wing with leaf cutter and peel away excess. Leave the wings to dry, removing them with a knife if necessary.

8. Retrieve cake hearts from the refrigerator, and gently push out hearts. Leave the hearts to rest and soften for 10 minutes before adding a lollipop stick.

9. Meanwhile, melt candy melts until melts are smooth and liquid.Transfer to a deep, narrow dipping container if necessary.

10. Dip the tip of lollipop stick in liquid candy, and gently skewer the cake heart with a slight twisting motion. Insert the stick just up to the center of the heart.

11. Dunk the cake into the candy coating just up to the stick. Lift carefully and tap off any excess on all sides.

12. While still wet, press wings one at a time into the sides of the heart. Hold for 10 seconds until the wing stays on without falling off.

13. Leave cake pop to dry on a cake pop stand or a piece of craft foam.

14. Enjoy!

Note: If liquid melts begin to cool and thicken, microwave at half power in 10 seconds intervals until liquid, or return to chocolate warmer.

Step 2: Enjoy!



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