How to Make Cardboard Logs





Introduction: How to Make Cardboard Logs

Do you gets tons of cardboard boxes from online orders? Why not use them as logs for the fireplace?



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    I usually bring home groceries in a box. In the summer, I use them in the garden for weed control, but when it gets cold I usually have one availble in the morning for my fireplace. They generate an enormeous amount of heat in a short time. Enough to drive out the cold before my CV kicks in.
    Turning them into logs is a good idea to stack them and make a stash for the cold period.
    They do generate a lot of ash though

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    We shop almost exclusively on Amazon, so we don't have to go to the store. Amazon boxes provide an endless supply of cardboard for our logs. Yes, they do generate more ash than regular logs.

    That's a pretty good idea! Simple and quick, too. Can't beat that.