How to Make Carne Guisada (Mexican Style Stewed Meat)




Introduction: How to Make Carne Guisada (Mexican Style Stewed Meat)

This is delicious and easy Mexican style stewed meat recipe that is easy to make! Carne Guisada is Mexican style cubed meat simmered in gravy.

- 1st you're going to need between 1.25 to 1.5 pounds of Tenderized Stew Meat
- 6 cups of water
- 3/4 tsp Salt
- 3/4 tsp Pepper
- 3/4 tsp Garlic Powder
- 8 oz can of Tomato Sauce
- Flour: Enough Flour to thicken into a gravy, but not too thick.

This video will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make Carne Guisada!



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    Born in Brownsville Tx lived in San Antonio for many years and now live in Sacramento. My husband and I do not miss the food in San Antonio kinda mediocre. Deep South Texas has good Tex mex and Mexican. San Antonio doesn't really have food even though everyone claims they do. I made this in San Antonio because we didn't really care for their "Tex mex" I use Rotel and stewed tomatoes. Season the beef with salt and pepper and toss in flour then lightly braise beef. Add rotel and stewed tomatoes with water and simmer. You can add peppers or anything else you want but that's the basic way to make it

    How do I make it the red gravy for the carne guisada

    Hey Im from San Antonio,Tx and Living in La Florida. I have to damit that this is some good cooking here.I make my own Mexican food so I apprecieate any new recipie I can try out. Thanks

    Hey Im from San Antonio,Tx and Living in La Florida. I have to damit that this is some good cooking here.I make my own Mexican food so I apprecieate any new recipie I can try out. Thanks

    Please point me in the direction of a "true mexican style guisada" because I'd really like to give my husband a taste of home...instead of it's not my mom's. Noone cooks as good as mom. I didn't grow up spanish and I can't find an authentic style of cooking it. Preferably on the side Brownsville Texas where he is from. Thanks soo much.

    Nice! I'm orignaly from San Antonio (home of the best tex-mex in the world for those who don't know) now living in Dallas and there are very few places up here that make this. You can serve it on a plate wih rice and beans but as a taco on flour tortillas with lots of cheese is my favorite way to eat this.

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    I lived in and the mexican food was not that mexican. even the real mexican taco trucks i went to were a little texmex to cater to the population. youll find more authentic mexican food in bigger cities like hosuton or dallas becaue they have a larger population of immigrants.

    this person to with the you cant find mexican food better anywhere else but san antonio lolol first off to any one who doesnt kno texas mexican food its basically just made up or mixed culture foods or american mexican mixed foods its nothing like real mexican food and i live in san antonio but im from california and man there mexican food here is terrible but these san antonio people are just to stuck on there pride to admit the truth

    and of course its the home to the best texmex kuz texas is the only place with texmex lol and its not great its to mixed not original mexican food

    looks good!!! Im a foodie from houston whos very picky about what I eat and call authentic mexican food. I have lived on both sides of the border and I can tell you this dish is not an authentic mexican dish. It is a Tex-Mex dish even though you can find it on both sides of the border. Mexican's also have "guisados", mostly made of pork.

    Try using something like Rotel tomatoes...they have the tomatoes and the peppers.

    I'm from the south tip of texas by the border small town san benito..My mom makes the best Carne Guisada and her secret is her red sauce she doesn't use tomato sauce or the brown gravy.. people are always calling her and paying her so she can make it for their parties or weddings etc you name it! So right now i'm trying to make it but I know it will never taste like hers!! Can't wait to go back home for the holidays!!! YUMMY!!!!

    I'm on the border of Mexico, on the tip of south Texas. And where I live is where there is real Mexican food. Delicioso!! This looks good but I will stick to my own. But I will use it.

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    Thanks! I moved away from SA years ago and so miss this food. Carne Guisada was breakfast at least once a week. HEB sold it pre-merinated in their meat department and it was so easy to make, never tried to make from scratch before. It's been a particulary cold winter here and I'm craving some good breakfast tacos. Been teaching myself  how to make fresh tortillas, so I'm ready!

    Gee, as a hispanic who has lived in Mexico and South America I would have thought that I had every kind of mexican food that their is. The spelling doesn't sit well with me either. I have had plenty carne asada in my lifetime, but not what you have featured here.

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    I've never seen the spelling Carne Guisada until 7 years ago. I used to call it Carne Asada until I ordered it at a restaurant. I was expecting Mexican Style stewed meat and gravy, but they brought a marinated (Mexican style) grilled steak. So I asked about it and I found out there was a difference between Carne Asada and Carne Guisada.

    Carne Asada is a marinated (Mexican style) grilled steak.

    Carne Guisada is cubed meat simmered in gravy.

    haha i didnt even kno there was a carne guisada till i came to texas kuz its only kno in texas or in puerto rico kuz ( YES ITS A PUERTO RICAN DISH NOOOOT MEXICAN ) lol

    hontestly for RobGonzo or others. There is no other place but San Antonio for Mexican Food. I live in LA and thus far everything else is a pretender. SA has more dialects of Mexican than I've ever seen and I'm out here makin my own hot sauce b/c it's hard to find it good stuff. Tomatoes are cheap. Good Luck!! Recipe looks great and I'll have to try and modify it, but love the initial look.