How to Make Cheap Chassis for Robotics Vehicle and Projects



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There are Many Chassis Available in the Local and Online Market and of course many of them are awesome and well designed.But many of them are also costly.But i have a better idea Which will definitely save some money and it will also give a new life to some old junks.And Your saved money can be used in some more Today i am going to show you that How To Make a Cheap Home Made Chassis for Robotics vehicle and Projects from Junk.This can be Easily Used with any type of motor (DC, Servo,BO) and vehicle Projects.
Read complete step by step guide from my website - Andro Root


Step 1: Planning and Basic Design

Step 2: Motor Holder

Step 3: Base of the Chassis

Step 4: Result

Step 5: Options

Step 6: Projects



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