How to Make Glow Stick

Introduction: How to Make Glow Stick

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Hi guy i m back with my instructable ,the things you will need are very cheap  and can be get in any hardware store. plz comment or rate about my instructable as it is my first instructable . and if u want to know how i made the case check my other instructable.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Things you will need:-
1) 1-Transparent body of a pen.
2) 2- different color wire 
3) 1-toggle switch
4) 2-blue leds
5) 1-9v battery
6) 1-9v connector
7) 1K resistor (sorry not shown in the picture)
1)Hot glue gun 
2)soldering rod 
3)soldering wire 
4)wire stripper

Step 2: Cutting the Tube

The pen tube should be have a plane surface , try to get plane pen .

Step 3: Placing the Led and Gluing It

Put the led on one side of the tube and glue it (NOTE - DON'T PUT THE SECOND LED , IT WOULD BE AFTERWARDS )

Step 4: Filling the Tube

fill the tube with hot glue from the open end of the tube (NOTE YOU HAVE TO PRESS THE HOT GLUE GUN CONTINUOUS SO THAT THE GLUE REACHES THE OTHER END WHERE YOUR LED IS THERE AND CLOSE THE TOP WITH THE OTHER LED .) And make sure that the led are parallel. 

Step 5: Bending and Finishing

Now bend both the leds as shown in the photo.
and solder the wire to the resistor , switch and the battery pack and you are all DONE!!!!!!!!! 
Hope you all like my instructable :))

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