How to Make Cool White Backdrop Photos Like the Pros!!

Introduction: How to Make Cool White Backdrop Photos Like the Pros!!

Hey guys it has been awhile but I am preparing for a new wave of instructables following a partne...

In this Instuctable you can learn how to make those wicked cool white backdrop photos that make your Instructables look REALLY awesome! All you nee is a peice of VERY white paper, a lamp, and an item of your choice! This project is virtually free!
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Step 1: Set Up Your Photography Studio!

The goal is set up the piece of paper so that it is curving upward to form a wall. This gets rid of ugly corners and makes everything look spotless! Rest the sheet of paper on something. Mine is resting on a drill battery charger and my laptop. Next place the lamp on the right corner of the sheet of paper.This casts cool shadows to the left of the object. Look at shots of Apple products on a white backdrop. They all have shadows on the left side!!

Step 2: Take Photos!!!!

When taking photos of your object make sure that you can only see the paper. You want the photo to be perfect. You can even do cool in hand shots. Check out the pics of my Arduino board in my hand. You can make some pretty cool pics with this simple backdrop. If you want to make your photos even better then you can photoshop to make the backdrop even whiter. Tell me if you use this method to improve your future instructables!!!!!



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    great. yet you may want to add a bit more light on the paper because now it looks a bit off white and there is a gradient from (no disrespect) 'dirty white' to 'off white' I understand you want to recreate the 'Apple look' with just one lamp but try to get more light on the paper. Perhaps soem diffuse light + the spot for the shadow?

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    That is a great idea! mOre light would definetely help. prbably getting some whiter paper would too.

    haha, I presumed your paper was white already. :-)

    What is also a good setup is one of those laundry bags that IKEA sells. They stay open (somewhat) and just put some lights around it at the outside and there is beautiful diffuse light. No 'Apple shadow' though

    awesome tip! what do you think about using this technique with say.. textured or patterned paper? do you think it would create a cool background? or would it seem too busy?

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