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Introduction: How to Make Custom Baby Gift

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My husband says no one likes home made gifts, but I think that is a lie.  If it something useful, the fact that it is handmade and one-of-a-kind, makes it even better.  Plus, I always consider the act of making it part of the gift. 

It seems that 90% of baby showers take place in the spring/summer.  Mine did and so did every one I have ever been to.  I have 3 coming up in the next month.  Everyone has put bibs down on their registry, so i know they want them.  But instead of buying them a few, I decided to make some that way they are all custom.  It cost about the same as most bibs, and less than a some of the more expensive ones.  It takes practically no time at all to make one, I made 2 in one night.

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Step 1: Supplies

The main thing you are going to need is metal snaps.  You can make bibs that tie in the back, but as a mother, I think snaps are better.  They are quicker to do, and harder for little fingers to unfasten.  I got these at the dollar store.  There are 24 of the metal snaps, and all these extra closers, that I never use, but save just in case.

You will also need;
Fabric (not very much, depending on the size, I've been able to use a fat quarter before)
Needle and Thread
Sewing Machine (or you can hand sew it all)
Embellishments like ribbon or other fabric scraps (No buttons or tiny things to go in tiny mouths)

Step 2: Goggle

You can always buy a pattern, but why bother when there are free ones out there?Just go to google, and type "free bib patterns."  Here are links to some of my favorites:

It is also important that I point out, these patterns are free for personal use, as in you are making them for yourself or a gift.  You can't make these to sell.  

Step 3: Assemble Pattern

After the you print the pattern, cut it out.  Most of the time, you will have to cut it in sections and tape it together to make it one piece.  The pattern I used this time was for a smaller infant sized bib.  It printed on one page, but I had to tape 2 pieces together.  It also saves paper/room because the way the pattern is made, you fold the fabric in half and place the pattern on the fold.

Step 4: Trace Pattern

Like I said before, this pattern was made to go on the fold of the fabric.  

Place the pattern on the fabric and trace around it.  Sometimes it helps to pin the pattern to the fabric, but these are smaller patterns, so I don't think they need it.

Step 5: Cut Fabric

Cut out the bib from the fabric.  

Step 6: Repeat

Using another piece of fabric, it can be the same kind, or something that matches, trace and cut out another bib piece, so that now you have two.

Step 7: Pin Together

Lay the pieces down (right sides together) and pin.  

Step 8: Sew

Using a sewing machine, or hand sewing with a needle and thread, sew around the bib, leaving a section open on the side for turning.  

At this point some people make little snips up to the sewing line in the curves to make it lie flat when you turn it inside out.  Sometimes I do, sometimes i don't.  This time I didn't.

Step 9: Turn

Push the fabric through the hole you left open so that it is right side out.

I guess at this point I should point out, the fabric I used looked decent on both sides, so I used the patterned side and the plain side.

Step 10: Sew Closed

Use pins to hold the fabric together, and the hole closed.  I whip stitched, because it is quick, easy, and holds together REALLY well.  When you come to the end, tie the thread in a knot. 

Step 11: Pin Embellishments

You can make embellishments to put on, our buy something premade.  Here I used fabric tags, that are pretty much swatches, by Amy Butler for K and Company.  You could also use a piece of ribbon, or cut out a shape or letter from fabric.
Pin it to the bib

Step 12: Sew Embellishment

Use the sewing machine, or needle and thread, and sew around the embellishment.  You could also do this to one of  the bib pieces before you sew them together, but I like this way.  It makes the bib almost quilted.

Step 13: Sew on Snaps

Hand sew on the metal snaps.  One on each of the "arms" of the bib (they look like arms don't they).  Put one on the front and one on the back.

Step 14: Finish

That's it.  you could make a few bibs and bundle them together as a gift.  Here are a few pictures of some I made this week.  

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    I still have many of the "HomeMade" gifts I received 38 years ago for my baby shower & they become more dear as time goes by. So I definitely agree with you