How to Make Custom Handlebar Bar Ends!




Are you tired of taking samples of Earth out the ground, or wasting time looking for them crap plastic ones?

Well look no further because I can tell you how to make your own custom bar ends like these:


Step 1: What You Need!

What you will need:

Aluminium rod as with the diameter your bar ends to be (you can use copper, steel etc...)

2 grub screws or 2 tiny allen bolts

Tools Needed:



Tap and wrench

Step 2: Cutting!

To start with you will need to cut the rod to the right length.

I suggest going 5mm bigger then you actually want because we will be using the lathe to get it perfect.

Step 3: Boring Out!

1. First measure your bars diameter and keep that in your head.

2. Get your cut piece of bar and make the face flat.

3. Get a drill bit as close to the width of your bars but no bigger.

4a. Drill pilot hole and drill in how much of the bar end you want to sit on the bar (I used 8mm)

4b. Use the drill bit from 3 and drill in how much of the bar end you want to sit on the bar (I used 8mm)

5. Use the boring out bit in the lathe to finish of the job of the drill bit and get it to the width of you're bars. This is quite a complicated step but is easy to under stand with the pictures titled 5 and done.

6. Try it out on the bike for size it should be quite a tight fit

Step 4: Beveling!

1. Put the half bar end you created in steps 1-3 in the lathe the over way round then before.

2. Now like before make it square.

3. Now is the creative bit. I went for a straight bevel using the bevel bit but you can go for a round effect or make your own design.

Step 5: Making the Thread!

1. Measure grub screw or tiny allen bolt.

2. Get the right drill bit and tap. (How to work that out)

3a. Now drill a pilot hole in the middle of the beveled out bit. do this by measuring from the edge you beveling in half the amount you beveled in. (I measured 4mm as I beveled 8mm)

3. Use the larger drill bit and drill threw the pilot hole of the bar end.

4. Use the tap remembering 1/2 turn 1/3 back or whatever you want.

5. Check the grub screw fits.

Step 6: Decorating!

Now you have made one bar end repeat the process.

You will want them to sick out from the crowed.

I just polished mine but you could use paint, airbrush a design, engrave, galvanize etc...

Thanks for reading all that hope you all liked it.




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    20 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    very Nice! you could also use the same mothod at the stem on your bike uses to hold itself in, which is the way i think im going to do it, its a little bit more difficult to make, but in my opinion looks better:


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely polished! A good, quick, simple 'ible this. That lathe needs some maintenance mind you, a drop of oil and a clean will pay many dividends in the long run. 8-)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Au contrare. You can buy it in rod form, you can turn it in a lathe (I have done this, making a cone spike) Aluminium is lightweight, yes. It can also be very tough, depending on the alloy (if applicable). Each alloy of aluminium has different properties, in and out of the lathe chuck.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I think i used two fired 12-gauge shotgun shells in my bars when I rode bmx (WAY old skool). If I recall correctly, they fit right inside your standard ID handlebars. Pretty sure I cut them down to the brass end part only. DON'T use live shells. Can't believe I need to say it but don't.

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Not only samples of earth -if you have a prang on a bike without bar end caps and you could be taking a nice big biopsy sample of your liver. There's a reason our local track cycling club won't let you on the track unless you've got bar end plugs in.


    11 years ago on Step 6

    They already have ones just like these for bmx bikes. also you can just crush a beer cap on and use that


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Well there not used for road and you can use carbon fibre if you find it in a rod. Post some pics if you make some.