How to Make DC Villain DeathStroke!

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This Instructable will be showing you how to make the DC Villain DeathStroke!

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Step 1: OverView

* Don't Forget to vote for this Instructable it has been entered in multiple instructables!*

So first what you want to do is get an overview of deathstroke and what he looks like and take notes or when you start this project you will screw up.

Deathstroke's Main Colors: Blue, Orange and Black

Main Weapons: Sword, Bo Staff, Assault Rifle, Pistol

Now after learning this you can start the project!!

Step 2: Materials

Above are some pics of the materials and items i used.

Blue Spray Paint $ 3.99

Orange Spray Paint $3.99

Silver Spray Paint $3.99

Black Spray Paint $3.99

Black Cargo Pants or Black Pants

Black shirt or sweater to put underneath the Armor

Knee Pads

Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protector Pro Street Motocross ATV Jacket Shirt:

UTG Elite Tactical Leg Holster (Left Handed):

D-stroke Mask Orange Version Cosplay Accessories:

Any Nerf Gun, and any bo staff sheath.

I only had to buy the Spray Paint and the mask and holster my friend let me use his atv padding and my dad let me use his holster and i had nerf guns from when i was little and bo staff for sogobujustu competitions.

Step 3: Body Armor

First I looked at how the colors were outlaid in the overview and basically did my best to match and all you need to color it is blue and orange spray paint. Don't worry the armor covers the whole upper body but just were black under neath so it will look sharper :).

Items Used- Motorcycle Armor and orange/blue Spray Paint

***** Note! On the Both side pics the one that is black, you can either keep it black or change it by spray painting it orange your choice :)*****

Step 4: Nerf Guns/Ammo/Ammunition Carrier/Holster

For The Nerf Gun I sprayed both of them completely black so they could look nice and real. For the ammo clips I spray painted them silver so the gun would have a contrast. Then finally i used the ammunition carrier to keep the other 2 ammo clips on it so it didn't look blank. The holster i am showing is a left handed holster.

Materials and Items used- Nerf Guns, Ammo Clips, Ammunition Carrier, Holster, Silver Spray Paint, Black Spray Paint and Orange Spray Paint.

Step 5: Knee Pads and Gloves

What i used for my gloves were my old STX Lacrosse and I spray painted it orange. Then for my knee pads i used my old skateboarding knee pads.

****Note! The knee pads are black in the picture above but later i spray paint both of them blue.*****

Step 6: Deathstroke Mask and Bo Staff Sheath

The mask was the only thing i bought and it was so worth it! The mask looks so intimidating and it comes with a face mask to cover the back of the mask and to provide comfort. The bo staff sheath i had from my sogobujustu competitions and it can hold bo staff,eskrima and nun chunks.

****Note! they had a DIY mask that was completely black on amazon but it was out of stock the day i went to order it so i purchased the orange version.****

Step 7: Finished!

Congrats!!!! You have completed the Instructables and i hope you enjoyed this Instructable and if you have any question or comments you can either email me at or leave your question and comment below!

*****Remember!!! This Instructable has been entered into Multiple contests so please feel free to vote and it will be really appreciated!****

Also Comment below for what cosplay i should make next i might do red hood next, but feel free to give me ideas.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great costume! I like that you used mostly common stuff that didn't need a lot of modification to work. Well done.

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    You're awesome man.... I LOVE DEATHSTROKE....YOU'VE DONE WELL