How to Make Dr. Doom's Mask




Introduction: How to Make Dr. Doom's Mask

Doom is one of my favourite comic book characters, so naturally I wanted his mask. But I wasn't too impressed with the official merchandise.
So I decided made my own for less than $5 using:
1 A4 silver card
1 A4 black card
1 A4 grey card
A length of string
And masking tape (no pun intended)

Step 1: The Pattern

Here's the pattern, made to fit on an A4 page.
Sorry the background is red, couldn't find any black card to place behind the shapes. But you can just adjust that in your computer so it doesn't murder your printer.

Cut the shapes out and trace them onto your card, but not on the side that will be facing outwards. Don't want messy pencil lines on your mask.

Now feel free to modify the pattern as you like, as it was made to fit my head and Doom's mask has many variations.

And I suggest you do a test version on normal paper before you go and make your final one.

Step 2: Almost Done

The next part is pretty straight forward, all you need to do is get out your masking tape.

The 'cheekbone' is attached behind the 'cheek' and the 'face'
The 'grill' is glued onto the 'mouth'
'Mouth' is then attached underneath 'face'
The 'chin' is folded to create more dimension and attached behind the 'face'
Glue on the silver rings around the eyes
The nose is the trickiest part, you have to push it in from behind the mask and you might need someone to hold it while you tape it down.

Now punch some little holes on either side of the mask in line with the eyes and tie the string through.

Below is the inside of the mask so you can see how everything is taped together.

Step 3: And There You Have It

You're very own Doom mask! Aren't you so clever?

It should be pretty sturdy, of course it could be sturdier if you made it out of metal or fiberglass if you're any good at that kind of thing.

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    Thank you SO MUCH FOR THIS! My GF is going to Dragon*Con as Squirrel Girl and I'm going as her Doom - we made this mask and it is PERFECT!!!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Gave you some link back love from my site. Thanks again for creating this, it really is helping me.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks this might just solve my halloween problem.