How to Make Easy, Bake-Free, Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Introduction: How to Make Easy, Bake-Free, Chocolate Dipped Cookies

I've made these for friends and they loved them, so now I'm sharing this with you! Perhaps your oven is broken? Or maybe you're a college student with just a microwave? Do you just not want to set your place on fire trying to bake? Maybe you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning??? Well if that's the case, these Easy Bake-Free Cookies are just for you! The answer to your sweet tooth cravings in a few simple steps! You might even have these supplies in your house already! This is my first instructable, so let me know if you have any questions or ideas!

Perfect for:
~ Making when you're pressed for time
~ Holidays
~ Personalized gifts
~ Kids art projects :-)
~ Parties, Baby Showers, Pot Lucks, etc.
~ Dessert of course! ;-9

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Step 1: What You'll Need

~ Cookies! (I chose Oreos)
~ Chocolate Chip Morsels
~ Wax Paper
~ Frosting (I chose Strawberry flavored)
~ Sprinkles (optional)
~ Small Bowl
~ 2 Toothpicks
~ Baking Sheet, Glass Pan, Plate or Hard Flat Surface
~ Knife and Fork

Suggestions for Toppings:
~ Cereal
~ Chopped Nuts
~ Candy such as Reeses Pieces, Skittles, Gummie bears/worms, etc.
~ Sprinkles (little ones, big ones, dinosaur shaped ones, etc.)

~ Use small easy squeeze colored icing to make your own designs and messages
~ Play with the different treats you can use. Nutter Butter Cookies or Nilla Wafers perhaps
~ Use the melted chocolate and toothpicks to make more detailed designs
~ Have fun, get creative and experiment with different ideas

Step 2: Piece of Cake! Er... Wax Paper.

Line your pan (or baking sheet, or plate) with a piece of wax paper. You'll need this later, and you only need enough to let how ever many cookies you're making cool and dry.

Step 3: Frost and Decorate!

Pretty self explanatory. Use a knife to frost only the top layer of the cookie, as the bottom will be dipped in chocolate. Then decorate as your heart chooses! Have fun, and if you need ideas, take a look at Step One for suggestions and tips.

Step 4: Melt the Chocolate...

Melt the chocolate chips in a small bowl in the microwave for about two minutes or until fully melted.
Check by mixing the chocolate chips every 30 seconds with the fork. Pictured here is half a cup, but it all depends on how many cookies you're making.

Step 5: Gas, Break, DIP-DIP!!

Time to dip the cookies in the chocolate ;-D.

~ One cookie at a time, place in the melted chocolate.
~ Use 2 toothpicks, one on each side putting a little pressure to hold on to the cookie.
~ Rotate counter clockwise (or clockwise! ;-P) until the bottom of the cookie is covered.
~ Use a fork to lift the cookie out of the chocolate (use the toothpicks to wipe off any excess chocolate from the bottom of the fork once lifted out of the saucer).
~ Place on top of the wax paper and let your cookies dry! Depending on the decoration and how much chocolate you used, it can take anywhere around 30 minutes to dry.

More Tips:
~They taste great when they've chilled in the fridge before serving as well.
~ When you feel they're ready for some good eatin, you can serve them on a pretty plate.
~ Make sure you taste one before they're gone!!! Enjoy ;-D.

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    3 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Is there a reason you decorate them before you dip them? I would think it would be less messy if you dipped them, let the chocolate solidify and then frosted the tops, so you don't mess up your decoration or get icing everywhere/in the chocolate when you dip. Thanks for the instructable!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I've usually made these in a hurry, so it was just easier for me to decorate them, dip them and let the chocolate dry while I was driving haha. My cookies weren't too messy to deal with and the frosting didn't get in the chocolate but I guess it does depend on how much you're using and all. That's also why I use the toothpicks to move the cookies around so you don't mess up the decoration. But yes, If you would like to take your time with them and wait until the chocolate has dried to make your decorations, I'd definitely recommend that. Thanks for the tip! :-)