How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft Pe!





Introduction: How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft Pe!

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Hello minecrafters out there! You know how you can make fireworks in minecraft PC? Wish you can just do it in pe? Well, instead of waiting for an update, you can do this instead!

Step 1: Materials:

Fence, TNT, flint and steel, and a mob spawner is what to need for today.

Step 2: Pole

Make a single fence pole at least 25 blocks high. If a mob falls, it is sure to die.

Step 3: Animals

(Tricky!) Spawn an animal of your choice on top of the pole. Keep spawning until you get something like in the photo. I find pigs the easiest to use.

Step 4: Detonation

Break the fence under the one the mobs are standing on. Replace it with a block of TNT.

Step 5: BOOM!

To start, light the TNT with the flint and steel, fly down, and wait. There you have it! You just made fireworks in pe! There will still be more fence to try again! If you liked this instructable, leave a favorite. Any questions or suggestions? Comment them! And if you want to see my instructables the minute they're posted, please follow!

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it worked for me

are those pigs being dammaged?

didn't really work for me. What update do you need?



oh and i know you were but do it some more!

Hey and look at that. We can have fun but also get food for survival??