How to Make Five Icons on Jailbroken IDevice




This is an absolutely easy way to download and install the tweak that will make your iDevice have 5 icons on the springboard and the dock!!

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Step 1: Open Cydia

Open up Cydia and wait for it to load so you don't keep on getting errors while trying to download some new tweaks.

Step 2: Search Bar

After letting Cydia to load click on the search bar on the down left site and then click on the bar and search for: Five-Column Springboard and hit enter.

Step 3: Choose Item (Springboard)

After searching for the tweak click in the one that's related to ModMyi's repo and install it!!

Step 4: For Dock Do This:

If you want to install the tweak for dock then you have to search for: Five Icon Dock and install it from the repo of Cydia (Official one)!!

Step 5: Make Sure to Check This:

Make sure to go to the settings and scroll down until you find the icon of Five-Column Springboard and enable it and about the other one the dock it's already enabled and doesn't have a button to get enabled or disabled!!

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