How to Make Great Stinky Smoke Bomb Powder.


Introduction: How to Make Great Stinky Smoke Bomb Powder.

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This will show you how to make some really stinky stink bombs. So, this project will require some safety gear while making and while detonating. By that I mean to just make sure that you wear safety glasses all of the time because you really want to protect your eyes. And also if you want you can wear a gas mask.


Step 1: Get Materials

The materials are listed below:

-Potassium Nitrate Powder. $9.75

-Powdered Sugar. (put white sugar in blender)

-Sulfer Powder $8.99

Total $18.74

Please Note: This will make many stink bombs.

Step 2: Get Tools.

Tools are listed below:

-Scale or measuring cups.

-Chopstick(for stirring).

-All of your materials.

-Small cup.

Step 3: Getting the Measurements

Now, we have to measure out our chemicals. First lets just assume that we are making a 100g batch. So we are going to want to measure out 10g of sulfur powder on our scale.(make sure that you zero your scale before you put the cup on so that you can be as accurate as possible). Then add it to your pot. Now we can add our 30g or powdered sugar. Then add that too to your pot. Now finally add your 60g of potassium nitrate powder.And you guessed it; add it to your pot. Now stir the pot for a minute or so with the chopstick.

Step 4: Conclusion.

All you have to do now is pour some on a very safe place and ignite it with a matcher lighter. Make sure to stand back when you light it and remember your safety glasses.

Step 5: Storage

Make sure to store this powder in a cold and dry dark place. I like to store mine in plastic yogurt containers.



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    Those same ingredients will also make gunpowder if one isn't careful with the measurements.

    Smells like rotten eggs right? I think some kids in my neighborhood growing up made these all the time... Horribly stinky.