How to Make Ice Cream in 10 Minute




Introduction: How to Make Ice Cream in 10 Minute

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Hi guys today i show how to make ice cream at home in less than 10 minutes, in this instructables you can make ice cream with few ingredients (milk ,cream, salt, ice)

good job

if you want see the video of this tutorial click on the video below!

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Step 1: Mix Together

Take a zip-lock bag and insert the ingredient:




-your favourite flavour (chocolate, vanille, strawberry ecc)

Closed the zip-lock bag

Step 2: Super Cooled!!! ❄

Now in this step we will go to freeze the mixture

Grab some ice and put in another bigger ziplock bag.

After put the first ziplock bag inside the ziplock bag with the ice

Take the salt and put in the ziplock.

Step 3: Shake!

Now you only shake the bag for ten minute.
Be careful because when the ice melt the bag going really cold, use one pair of glove...

Step 4: Finish!

After 10 minute if you touch the liquid you can feel the consistancy of the ice cream.

Now you only open the first bag and put out the bag with the ice cream...

You can cut with a scissor in a corner of bag


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