How to Make Instant Pasta



Introduction: How to Make Instant Pasta

The pasta may be a little crunchy but it is still a good snack

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need
1. Penne pasta
2. 1 tsp salt
3. Glass cup
4. A large plate
5. A small plate
6. Water
7 . Microwave

Step 2: Fill Your Cup 3/4 Full of Penne Pasta

Step 3: Add 1 Tsp of Salt to the Dry Pasta

The salt is to give the pasta a salty flavor you do not need it

Step 4: Add Water to the Pasta

Fill the cup a little over the pasta

Step 5: Attach Plates

Put your cup of pasta on the big plate and rest the small one on the top

Step 6: Put in Microwave for Around 2-4 Minutes

If the water boils over do not turn it off since the bottom plate will catch it.

Step 7: Wait Until the Most of the Water Boils Over the Top

It may take more than 4 minutes but the pasta will strain itself because the water will be on the bottom plate

Step 8: If You Want the Pasta More Tender Add More Water and Keep Microwaving

Step 9: Now You Can Enjoy Your Pasta

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