How to Make Mc'nasty Orange Juice

Did your friend get you with a prank?Do you want to get back at him?Or do you simply want to pull a great and nasty prank ,well you've come to the right we are going to make a orange juice so nasty,your victim will be barfing.And best of all, it's cheap!!

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Step 1: Materials

It's not that much and it's really cheap all you need is:

Mc and cheese

Napkins (to clean up the evidence and leave no trace)

Water(8 ounces would be great but no needed

And a sence of humor(Duh XD)

Step 2: Put the Magic In

put the sauce in the cup

Step 3: Stir It Real Good

stir it real good and you have your nasty orange juice but we are not done yet just one more step.

Step 4: Clean Up the Evidence and You Are Done!!!

get rid of that evidence and you can find a victim,get your camera ready and run after they drink it.

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