How to Make Mini Envelopes With Loom Keychain

Introduction: How to Make Mini Envelopes With Loom Keychain

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I tried to make mini envelopes out of paper and I found it quite easy. As soon as I found out how to draw a cutout. For me it didn't cost anything but then again I am in Romania right now and I used stuff I brought with me from America so it might cost a little money. I also tried to make loom keychains for it, well technically loom bracelets or something like that. That was a bit less diffucult.

Step 1: Items/Tools

To make the envelope you will need:
● glue
○ white paper/ colored construction paper
● scissors
○ color pencils/markers/crayons (used to color the paper and draw the cutout)

I will do the loom items in the bonus section.

Step 2: Drawing the Cutout

Make sure the whole thing is a little big. First I drew the top, then the middle, then the sides, then the bottom. It shows in the pictures what I mean. Make sure to make the sides a little bigger then they are supposed to look, and the middle bigger too.

Step 3: Cutting and Gluing

I tried to make sure that when I cut it, not all of the outline is gone, but some is. I dont know why, but I just think it is better that way. (I used a glue stick) I didnt glue the sides or top or bottom onto the inside, or I should say the soon-to-be inside. I bent the sides, then the bottom onto the sides, and glued it like that. I tried to show where the glue is. Once again, the pictures showed how I did it. I didnt do the top yet, because im going to color the envelope. If you used construction paper, you dont have to color.

Step 4: Coloring

If you used construction paper, skip this step. If you didnt, read on. I used markers for the folded up side, but you dont have to. First I colored the sides, then the top and bottom, then the inside. I did the inside with a faded out purple and blue and the top with a faded out green cause I thought it looked cool. Then I took a red marker (not faded out) and drew brick like lines on the green. Then for the outside I used color pencils, so later I can write on it with markers. For the bottom I first used emerald green, then bright pink, then red to make it a little darker. And for the top, I used plain green.

Step 5: Writing and Tucking

This step is optional. I wrote on the outside with sharpie, To:Maria cause well, thats my name. Then I tucked the inside like it shows in the second picture. I'm gonna untuck it, cause I am making the loom thingy. But thats how its gonna be when Im 100% done. If you wanna see what it looks like with the loom thingy, continue reading. If not, then your done! Hope you enjoyed!

Step 6: Bonus!: Loom Thingy

I was making a pizza out of loom but it was too confusing so I stopped. For this you will need:
● loom board
○ loom hook
● loom bands
○ mini envelope
● scissors
○"s" hook thingy
(honestly, My little sister lost my loom hook so I tried my best to use my fingers.)

Step 7: Putting on the Loom Bands

I made little balls on mine. You can see how they look in the first picture. To make them, do the second picture through the sixth picture. I did it with my fingers, since I dont have a hook anymore. But to do it on the hook, wrap it around the hook three times, then take another band and slide the twirled one onto the straight band. I know it sounds confusing, but thats the only way I know how to explain it. Sorry.

Step 8: Connecting the Bands

The first image shows how to hook them, the second shows how one end should look like and the third shows how the other end should look like.

Step 9: Connecting the Loom to the Mini Envelope

First make the hole with scissors in the mini envelope. Make sure its a bit far from the end cause its probably gonna rip a little when you put the loom bracelet in. Next carefully put the loose band through the hole. DONT PULL ANYMORE THAN HALF WAY!!! Then connect both ends of the loom together. And there you go! Your very own mini envelope with a loom keychain thingy! Hope you enjoyed!

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