How to Make Mini Figs Hold Your Charging Cord

Introduction: How to Make Mini Figs Hold Your Charging Cord

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Picture this everyday situation: you're in bed, surfing Facebook or Instructables on your phone. Your phone warns you it is close to dying. You reach for the charging cord, which is on the floor, and you fall out of bed.
I'm sure this, or something similar, has happened to you. If only there were a way to keep your charging cable on your desk or bedside table...
Turns out there is.
Lego mini figs!
In this Instructable, you're going to learn how to make mini figs a reliable cable holder.

Step 1: Materials

1. I hope this was obvious, but you need a lego mini figure.
2. Also blatantly, you need a charging cable.
3. Sticky back Velcro squares (1 prickly and 1 fuzzy).
4. A pen or other writing utensil.
5. Scissors.

Step 2: Cut Velcro to Right Size

On the paper back of the Velcro, trace a flat part of the lego. Cut that out a bit within the line. Repeat with another piece of Velcro.

Step 3: Put Velcro on Figure

Stick the two pieces of Velcro together. Peel off one backing. Stick the sticky side to the back of the mini fig.

Step 4: Put Figure on Table

Remove other Velcro backing. Stick mini fig at desired location.
REVISION: I then put a glue dot on its head, so it wouldn't bend over.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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