How to Make Neapolitan Trash (for Randy)

Introduction: How to Make Neapolitan Trash (for Randy)

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Do you ever have too much leftover insulation from the packages you receive in the mail that you have nothing to do with besides save it for the next package(s) you have to ship? I know I do. I also know you do. In this instructable, I will be showing you how to spruce up anybody's desk in the workplace with simple packing materials. This is great if your coworker has too much stuff on his/her desk. The decoration will blend right in with the other stuff, making it look very appealing to the eye of your other coworkers.

Step 1: Ingredients

You may use any shipping materials you like, just as long as the colors are pink, white, and brown. You want a nice looking Neapolitan decoration, don't you? I used pink packing peanuts, clear bubble wrap, and brown paper for Randy's gift. These were included for free with a package a friend sent me. What a deal! Shove everything into the box as sloppy an uncoordinated as possible. Your goal is to have this decoration compliment the rest of the junk (or items) from the desk.

Step 2: Get Rid of Evidence

Make sure to remove the receiving and return addresses. Now your friend will never know who made him/ her such an incredible gift. It will be a nice surprise.

Step 3: Scope Out the Area

Make sure no one (including the gift receiver; in this case it's randy) is really paying attention to what you're doing. This is very easy when you are the youngest one working in the building. You're just a kid, what could you possibly be doing?

Step 4: Go in for the Kill

Take a deep breath, make sure Eric & Christy are gone, and finish the plan. Your coworker or friend will be more than happy to thank you later.

Step 5:

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