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Hi, I'm Gman. Today i'd like to teach you how to make paracord people. Thanks, I hope you enjoy this 'ible.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this instructable you will need two 2.5 ft. Lengths of paracord, a pair of good scissors and a lighter.

Step 2: Make the Head

To make the head all you need to do is double over the paracord and tie an overhand knot.

Step 3: Make the Feet

Now for the feet you need to tie overhand knots at the desired length. Then you can just snip and melt the paracord.

Step 4: Tie the Body

Now you need to weave the cobra knot to the desired length. Next just tie overhand knots like you did on the legs, snip and melt the ends.

Step 5: You're Done!!

Congratulations!! You have made your first paracord person! These make fun lanyards. Thanks for looking at my instructable. :- )



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RuneB5Dirt and Mud

Reply 8 months ago

The core or head and feet are cut to desired length accordind to size you want.
The body take more but 2.5 is a bit much but depends on size so i just played with it.
If you strip the inner cords out it allows you to make much more compact knots.
Crown or squarebsinnet are smaller and tighter but the lil buddus need the cordage inside.
You know ribs and such.
I want to make somenkeykeepers with skull heads

Ibe figured it out should be fun......RUNE


Reply 3 years ago

While the paracord is melted you can press it into the knot. Once it cools it should keep the knot together. Thanks for looking!