How to Make Pop Art Using MS Paint




Have You Ever seen those pop art pictures hanging on the wall at Panda, Chuck-e-Cheeses, or in arcades?
Have you ever wanted one of them?
Well now you can, just by using ms paint!

This is pretty easy to make, around 15-30 mins of your time.

Step 1: What You Need

For This Instructable, you will need:
MS Paint
Picture(preferably with a white backround)
Some experience with paint

Step 2: Step 1

Get Your Picture saved on your computer.
Go to pictures and right click on your picture
It should say "edit".
Click on edit and go to ajust color.

If you want a hotter color, keep the color temerature On the higher settings
If You want cooler colors, put the temperature on the lower setting.
now for tint, if you want a greenish picture, put it on low.
If you want the red one, keep it on high and so on
(you can find different colors if you experimint with the mix, so dont forget to do that!
If you want a red picture with black parts(example:hair,eyes,ect) turn the picture red and put fix red eye over the place you want ajusted.

Step 3: Making the Art

Open paint and press edit in the top left corner, then press paste from.
You should see your picture. once you do, press open and the picture is on the paint screen.
Move it to the place you want it to be and click out of the box.
It should then be unmovable unless you us select to move it.
Repeat Step 2 , but make it hot/cold.
Place It next to the other picture and repeat.
Keep on doing this until you have 4.(you can put more pictures if you want)

Step 4: The Printing

Press print setup and edit it so there are no margins.
Print Your Art, tape it to where you want it, and you are done!
Save your art and let others stew in envy.
Please rate and commet. If you have an idea put it in the commets. Thanks!



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     I'm sorry I still don't understand. I go to the image (I tried it saved as *bmp and *jpeg), then right click. Menu comes up, I click edit. When I do that, Paint opens up. I looked in attributes, and colors but i can't figure out how to change temp. 


    9 years ago on Introduction

    No, You color temperature is in "edit picture" where you get to by right clicking and pressing edit picture on your selected picture. HINT: You cant get to edit by pressing paste from, you have to press the start button, get to pictures and edit it .

    1 reply