How to Make Really Simple Sumo Bot

Introduction: How to Make Really Simple Sumo Bot

You need two very low rpm motors a battery wire something to hold it together(mecano works well) a soldering iron solder hot glue gun

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Step 1:

Solder the battery wire to the one motor.
Solder wire from one point of motor to one point of the other motor.
Just follow the diagram and make sure there are two prongs at the front

Step 2:

Glue the motors to each other with the wheels facing in opposite directions
Make a position for the 9v battery to sit on top of the sumo bot

Step 3:

The reason this works is because of the base which is about 30cm wide
The middle was made from aluminium foil and the 5cm ring around it was just paper

Step 4:

I made it a long time ago so it's kind of falling apart.

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