How to Make Ribbon Flower?




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Tutorial for Ribbon Flower. Please Get this info and Make Good Flower.

Step 1: Choose the Best Color Ribbon Material Like Pink, Red, Yellow

Step 2: Cut the Ribbon Into 5 Equal Rectangle Length With Scissors

Step 3: Fold the Ribbon Over Itself

Step 4: Fold the Ribbon in an Angle Back Over Itself to Get the Petal Shape

Step 5: Apply Some Glue Inside the Angle to Make the Angle Perfect and Fit

Step 6: Repeat the Process for the Other Petals

Step 7: Place Needle Inside Edge Marks of Petals and Tie It With 2 or More Square Knot

Step 8: Attach Edges With Glue and Make the Edges Together on a Petal Andrepeat Sewing Other Petals With Same Thread

Step 9: Pull the Petals Tight to Make Them Stick at Knot and Tie Back of the Flower and Sew the Center of the Flower With Button to Give the Flower Shape

Step 10: 5 Petal Shape Ribbon Flower Is Completed



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