How to Make Skittles Vodka [Recipe]




I like to cover a lot of topics on my blog, mostly recipes. Good drink being a very important part of enjoying life I have done some videos on food and beer pairing.

This is a somewhat new area to blog about but there are many tasty homemade liquor recipes that are super easy and a lot of fun!

Skittles Vodka Recipe

What you will need-

1 lb Bag of Skittles Candy
1/5 bottle (750ml) Vodka
5 screw top bottles
5 Coffee filters for straining
This is super easy! Step one is to open your bag of Skittles candy and sort by color. Placing all the yellow ones in a bottle, all the green....etc. Once you have 5 bottles of different color Skittles.

Using your funnel pour about 5 oz of vodka into each bottle so that they are all evenly filled. Screw on the top and shake each bottle vigorously.

Allow bottles to sit overnight and re-shake. All the candy should be dissolved but you will notice the white scum. Thats what we will use the coffee filters for.

How to filter skittles vodka?

I found it easiest to clean my coffee maker well and pour the vodka into the filter catching it in the clean carafe below. Change filters for each color, I made sure to squeeze as much of the vodka as I could from the filter. Make sure you clean your bottles and using the funnel refill with your strained vodka.

Place your fruit flavored vodka in your freezer and chill well. They are now ready for you to do some tasty shots or mix with Sprite!



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    5 years ago

    I just made some. Both with Vodka and with Rum. Let's hope for the best!