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Introduction: How to Make Slingshot Ammo

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Step 1: Step 1 :Gather Info

There are many types of slingshot ammo to consider. One way to cut to the chase is to know what you want to shoot. From there you select the strength of the slingshot in respect to the target. Below are a few guidelines :

1.Are you shooting inside your house? You should not do that but here is the advice anyway. Make a simple rubber band slingshot.
2.Is something outside bothering you? You most likely will need to get a slingshot that takes considerable upper back strength to pull back. This is available at Harbor Freight Tools or online at
3.What is it that is bothering you outside? If it is a bird or a squirrel I suggest using the long range scattershot method that will be explained later. If it is a cat or dog (that is potentially dangerous ) use the marble method. If it is a person don't shoot unless they are trying to end you and your slingshot. Marbles after being shot out of a slingshot has a lot of kinetic energy and can possibly break a small bone or explode an eye. Sorry, don't use people as targets. Ever!

Step 2: Make the Ammo

Take one piece of aluminum foil and add low- density low-volume beans or pellets if you want to stun the object at a shot distance. Use high-density low-volume beans or pellets if you want to kill the thing you are trying to catch(for survival or whatever). Use low-density high-volume beans or pellets only if you want to scare it away. After adding the pellets, wrap it up in reference to the pictures. Poke holes in the front( the smooth part) of the aluminum. This is so that when the ammo hits the object, the ammo will spill pellets with high kinetic energy levels unto or into the object. If you want the pellets to fly right from the slingshot add 20-30 holes.

Step 3: The End

Unfortunately my slingshot band broke after being fixed multiple times before it inevitably had to be thrown away. This is to bored children (boys) who have nothing except work to do. Unless you have money to burn- such as an allowance- don't get the slingshot. It takes money to keep up the ammo supply and the slingshot.

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