Smallest Fire Alarm in the World - Simplest Method (DIY)


Introduction: Smallest Fire Alarm in the World - Simplest Method (DIY)

Step By Step ( Even Soldering The Components ) Video On How To Make Simplest And Smallest Fire Alarm Ever Made , Which Is Very Efficient also Its Portable. This Project Is Fun, Easy And Cheap To Make So I Hope You Enjoy It And Take Benefit From

Step 1: Components :

Infrared LED ( IR LED )

9V Battery Clip

Step 2: Circuit Diagram :

Step 3: How to Make It :

Video !!
Why Video ? Because its Easiest And Most Efficient Way To Learn

Step 4: Support Me & How to Contact :

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    9 Discussions

    Is there any special requirement for LED and buzzer?

    I'm not sure a video counts as an Instructable...
    Is it only me, Or did you wire up the schematic incorrectly? Isn't it supposed to be positive to negative to positive?

    7 replies

    If it turns on with fire, Won't it also turn on with sunlight?

    :D if you have a little bit experience in physic for sure you know frequency of light , infrared is light too the device only works with high frequency of infrared light

    The sun emits IR light too, That's how we feel that sunlight is warm...

    yea it emits it but the frequency decreases until it reach's us :)

    :D The Schematic is totally fine if you change the polarity it still work but its wont be efficient , and about the video I have no idea what is the problem with a video ?

    An Instructable has to be "Step-By-Step"

    You can ask the staff if you need help with that, Or you can also search in the Instructables search bar "How to make an Instructable"

    If You look at it the steps are really clear I putted the video in last just in case if someone cant understand circuits :)