How to Make Soldered Jewellery

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I just had this idea one day in a workshop, so i did it.
turned out awesomely. thought to myself, i should put this on instructables. so i have.

It took me a few goes to get this right, but then again, i believe i was the first to do this.

Pretty much the title says it all. Make a peice of shiny solder into a basic shape. I made mine a heart becuase it was basic and easy and i have a crush, so i'll probably give it to her. Nothing stopping me making a few more though, hehehe....

As an extra feature, i gave them a clip. and it really helps.

(depending on how you fancy your soldering skills (im pretty bad) you may want to get some help.

Step 1: What You'll Need

- Soldering iron and Solder (whatever size you want, didn't effect mine)
- some wood (i suggest a thick ish plank, i dont use mm and stuff, but mine wasnt just a log, you need a plank, relatively thick)
- a stanley knife (with blade, that helps, a lot.)
- some wire, a decent length that should fit around your neck. Mine wasnt really long.
- Those two things in the pictures. i have no idea what they are called. i just found em and used em.
- you may need a presicion phlat head screwdriver, or just use the knife.

Step 2: Gettin Ya Shapenisms On

So, first things first, heat soldering iron and put it to the side, you can do this later, just depends on how long it takes to heat up.

Get you plank of wood and using the stanley knife, make a rough outline of your shape. Pretty much dig out the shape, but try to keep the bottom of the shape relatively flat. this helps when the product is finished.

Step 3: Trial and Re-trial

I added a fair few blobs of solder before i got it right.
But when i did, i got the idea of making it a necklace. This is where the solder comes in again. you can either solder the clips on first and then the shape or vice versa. Dont solder the shape to the wires! while the shape is still warm just push the ends of the wires in! Its much easier and probably stronger.
When you do solder the clips though, give them a few tests and if they fall of, try some more solder.

Step 4: The Gift of Giving

This is just an idea i had, probably good for a secret admirer things.
You may choose to make different shapes, but begin with basics. you can get a small LED and a single cell battery and tape it to the back when you give the gift, but be sure to remove it, as it may result in electric shock. may not though, your guess is as good as mine.
This has been Prosthetics 100 showing you how to make solder jewellery.

I think i am the first to do this, and if make magazine steal this, im ganna be pissed off.

Would love to hear if your lady (or guy) friends liked it, and also tell me what other shapes you've made well, would like to hear(see) your feedback and ideas and modifications that have come off my grand idea. hahaha, grand. Till then

Prosthetics100 signing out.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Oh great, 60Sn/40Pb lead around my neck. Fun idea. Try using lead-free if you do this for safety sake.

    1 reply

    yea i had no real idea what i was doing. And thanks for the ideas lemonie. I just used wood because it was the only thing around, and it was a spare of the moment thing. You can use other substances instead of wood, its all up to you.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I like the use of spade connectors! As I've got a lot of lead I'm planning to cast at some point, try making moulds out of plaster or similar, you can get better details than wood. Heat the metal on a stove in a steel food-can. L