How to Make Mixed Spice Fairy Cakes




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Intro: How to Make Mixed Spice Fairy Cakes

100g Caster Sugar,
2 Medium Eggs,
1-2 Teaspoons/Tablespoons Schwartz Mixed Spice,
100g Self-Raising Flour and
100g Butter/Margarine.

1 Wooden Spoon,
Large Mixing Bowl,
Measuring Spoons,
Cupcake Tray and
Cupcake Cases.

Step 1: Starting the Mixture

First you need to weigh out the Caster Sugar and pour into the Large Mixing Bowl.

Then you need to weigh out the Butter/Margarine and also pour into Large Mixing Bowl.

Finally cream Butter/Margarine and Caster Sugar together until thick and creamy.

Step 2: Adding the Eggs, Flour and Spice.

First crack an egg into the Sugar and Butter mixture and stir with wooden spoon.

Next weigh out the Flour and put a tablespoon of flour in.

Repeat the Flour step until all the flour is gone.

Then add the last egg.

When you have done all that add 1-2 tablespoons/teaspoons of Mixed Spice.

Step 3: Finishing Off

Get the cupcake tray and fill all the spaces with cupcake cases.

Then, grab two teaspoons and start spooning the mixture into the cases.

When you have done that place into oven and wait a mere 25mins for your fairy cakes to cook!

Step 4: Enjoy!

Sit down and eat your creation with a hot beverage and a smile on your face!



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