How to Make Stripes in Your Grass

Introduction: How to Make Stripes in Your Grass

A quick and simple striping device that can be pulled by hand or attached to push or riding mowers.

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Step 1: PVC Pipe

Get a length of PVC pipe (any other type will work, but PVC is what I had) and cut it so that the length is equal to the width that you want your stripes to be. If you are using the striper behind a mower and not by hand, cut it so that it is about 1-3 inches shorter than the cutting diameter. Cut it however long you want if you do not want to attach it to a mower and want to pull it by hand or without the mower blades on. Sand the rough bit around the outside of the cut so that it is smooth.

Step 2: Make End Caps

You can either make wood, cardboard, or metal end caps, or you can do what I did and just put four or five layers of duct tape over the end and tape the sidesdown by putting a strip of tape around the end. Only put one on at first so that you can fill the pipe with heavy material. Put the other end cap on after you have filled the pipe.

Step 3: Fill Roller

Use sand, fine gravel, pebbles, or just plain old dirt to fill the pipe after you have put one end cap on. When you reach the top of the pipe, gently tap the pipe on a hard surface to make the material inside settle. This should make it lower, so fill in the extra space and repeat. Fill it until there is about a quarter of an inch or less space left in the top. You want it this full because it will be both heavier and the weight will not shift around inside, resulting in an uneven stripe. After you fill the pipe, seal the other end with whatever type of cap you are using. Make sure the seals on both ends are tight!

Step 4: Attach Rope

Use about 8-9ft of rope if you are pulling it by hand or if you are attaching it to a riding mower. Use 5-6ft if it will be pulled behind a pushmower. Tie both ends on with a clove hitch (see second picture for instructions on how to tie this knot). Hook the rope around the seat of a riding mower or find some other place to hook it onto. Simply slip the rope over the handle of a pushmower and let it fall to the bottom.

Step 5: Stripe!!!

Pull your striper along in straight lines, going the opposite direction of your last stripe on the way back. The weight of the pipe will make the grass lay down in the direction you are going, soo one stripe will be laying down away from you and the other will be laying towards you and the light reflects off the grass differently, giving the grass its "striped" look. Try making patterns, pictures, or letters in the grass to make it look really cool. And don't make the stripes parallel with the street or driveway or they will be hard to see. Make them perpendicular or at an angle.

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