How to Make Sweet and Salty Popcorn




Introduction: How to Make Sweet and Salty Popcorn

This recipe is so simple and makes the most delicious snack to eat while watching a movie or having friends over. This is the most addicive snack though so Beware! :D Whenever people come over now they want this popcorn!

Step 1: You Will Need:

-Popcorn Kernels
- 30g Butter
- 4 teaspoons of Sugar
- Soup Spoon of Water
- Olive oil
- Salt

- 1/2 measuring Cup
- Teaspoon
Soup Spoon
- Small Saucepan
- Pan with Glass Lid

Step 2: Melt Sugar and Water

Melt the 4tsp of sugar with the 1 soup spoon of water.

Step 3: Add Butter

Once sugar has nearly dissolved add 30g of butter and melt. Turn off heat when melted and set aside. 

Step 4: Popping Popcorn

Put oil in pan to just about cover the bottom of pan. Let the oil heat and then put 1/2 cup of corn kernels in pan. They will take a few minutes to start popping depending on how long you left the oil to heat up. When popping starts slowing down turn off heat and pour popcorn into a large bowl.

Step 5: Butter and Sugar Mix

Pour Butter and Sugar mix over popcorn and stir through evenly.

Step 6: Salt

Then add salt to your liking. 

Step 7: Enjoy!!

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9 Discussions


5 years ago on Introduction

I prefer vegetable oil as it has a higher smoke temperature and adds less taste than olive oil.

Great base recipe. Try adding cinnamon, cumin and paprika a la Nigella, for something deliciously different.

Definitely use fresh popcorn. I used some old stock and nearly broke a tooth on the kernels.

Found getting the timing and heat right was difficult. I kept pan shaking once it started popping


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Hahaha yes I think it would be even better with more sugar!

try putting it in the oven after at 300 degree f for between 5-10 mins it will harden back up


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

I did think about if this would work! I will have to try it, it is a great idea!


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Hi Jim, I think this would have probably been because the butter was too hot. So you did use the right amount of butter and did you melt the butter and sugar before you popped the popcorn? :)


6 years ago on Introduction

Hi Everyone this is my second instructable that I have made ever so I would love feedback. Also let me know what you think of this recipe once you have tried it! Thanks. :D