How to Make the Bluehawk Bomber Paper Airplane- Actually Drops Bombs!

Introduction: How to Make the Bluehawk Bomber Paper Airplane- Actually Drops Bombs!

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Have you ever wanted to have your own personal bomber? Well now you can make your own-out of paper! This paper airplane glides along even after its dropped a Bluehawk Bomb on its target. The bomb is dropped because of drag, wieght, and downforce therefore making a very formidable paper bomber! So let's get ready for the air assault!

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Step 1: Materialz

You will need two pieces of paper, and some scissors.

Step 2: Bomber-Fold One

Take one of your pieces of paper and fold it in half "hot dog style" (longways). Then, open it back up.

Step 3: Bomber-Folds Two, Three, and Four

Next, fold thetop corners down to the center crease. Then, fold the top of the paper down. Finally, fold the top two corners down again.

Step 4: Bomber-Fold Five

Fold the paper backward.

Step 5: Bomber-Wings and Fins

Fold down the wings of the airplane. Then, fold up the tips of the wings to make fins.

Step 6: Unfold and Adjust

Unfold the bomber. You may have to adjust some of the folds on the bottom of the airplane. Add tape to the top to secure it.

Step 7: Bomb-Preparations

Take your other piece of paper and fold it down "hamburger style" (shortways). Then, unfold it and cut along the crease to get two smaller pieces of paper. You will only need one.

Step 8: Bomb-Fold One

Fold the paper in half "hot dog style" (longways), then unfold it.

Step 9: Bomb-Folds Two, Three, Four, and Five

Fold the top two corners down. Next, fold the top of the paper down, and fold the top two corners down again. Finally, fold the top tip of the paper down. Doing this adds weight to the bomb in prdr to pull it away from the main airplane.

Step 10: Bomb-Wings and Fins

Fold the paper in half with all previous folds on top. Next, fold down the wings. Finally, fold fins facing DOWNWARD this time. This will create excess downforce and also help the bomb fall more smoothly.

Step 11: Attaching the Bomb and Flying

To attach the bomb, simply slide it onto the bottom of the main airplane Then, gripping the bomber by the central spine, release the airplane. The bomb will be pulled off of the main plane, and gently glide to the ground as the bomber continues on. I hope you enjoy your new Bluehawk Bomber! Thanks for viewing!

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