How to Make the Buckyball Football

Introduction: How to Make the Buckyball Football

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Step 1: Make 24 Triangles

Each are 9 balls of buckyballs and you squeeze 3 sides that are equally away and it pops into a triangle.

Step 2: Connect Them Together

Connect 3 different triangles around one triangle and make sure they are lined up and not interlocked.

Step 3: Repeat the Last Process

Do the last step until you have no more triangles. None will be left over.

Step 4: Connect These Side-by-side.

Connect 2 triangles to a different but make sure they connect side-by-side.

Step 5: Connect the 2 Pieces Like This

Step 6: Align the Pieces Pointed at Below.

Once they fold together everything else seems easy.

Step 7: Result.

Step 8: Then Snap These Triangles Side by Side.

Step 9: Snap the Rest Into Place. DONE!

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