How to Make the Classic Fish Finger Sarnie (Sandwich).

Introduction: How to Make the Classic Fish Finger Sarnie (Sandwich).

The fish finger (fish stick to you across the Pond) has been with us for over fifty years, and one of the best uses of the fish finger is for the quick, filling and nutritious snack known as the fish finger sarnie.  This Instructable shows you how to prepare the perfect classic version, and at the end suggests ways to take the snack to another level.

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Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

Good ingredients are essential for a great end product.  The fish fingers should say 100% fillet, which means they're made from proper cuts of fish.  If they say 'minced', 'reformed' or (perish the thought) 'mechanically recovered', it's an inferior quality product. Most are cod, but haddock and pollock are also available.  You'll need five fish fingers per sandwich.
Steamed white bread has it's uses (feeding ducks, for example) but for a good sarnie you need a good wholemeal bread.  I like seeded bread, especially home made, but for convenience here I'm using a sliced seeded loaf.
Tomato ketchup is great (Heinz of course), but some prefer mayonnaise or tartare sauce - Your choice.
Butter is best, but for the health conscious there's always the low cholesterol spreads, but go on, treat yourself once in a while.

The only other things you'll need are a grill, a plate and eating irons.

Step 2: Cook Your Fingers and Prep Your Bread

Cook the fish fingers from frozen on a medium grill.  You don't want them burnt on the outside and raw in the middle.  I give them around 15 minutes in total, turning them over twice and you'll know they're done when they've gone a golden brown and fishy goodness starts to bubble out.

While the fish is cooking, you've time to butter one of the bread slices and spread ketchup (or other condiment) on the other.  The ketchupped bread will go underneath and the buttery side above so the butter melts and is absorbed by the top slice and the fishy juices percolate downwards.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

There is only one correct way to arrange the fish fingers. Anything else is heresy, abominable and unnatural.  Arrange four fingers vertically and then the fifth across the top.  If you're going to be creative (see below) now is the time to add the extras.  For truly top-class presentation, garnish with a sprig of freshly picked parsley.

You now have a delicious snack which can be eaten at any time of day or night.  Enjoy.

Step 4: Taking It Further

Once you've mastered the classic version, use your imagination and play around.  Here are a few ideas :-

Add a bit of salad.  Lettuce is always good, but try chard, rocket or a sliced tomato on top of the fish fingers.
Add a few slices of cheese and put back under the grill before you put the top slice on.
Add a couple of anchovies for that extra fishy kick.
A couple of sliced gherkins (dill pickles) add a great flavour.
Fry and egg and slide it in.

Any combination of the above . . . or anything else you fancy.

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8 years ago on Introduction

A nice sandwich. I work in a jail so on fish strip day I make something similar. Not as high of quality though.


8 years ago on Introduction

With regard to "Would you buy a food product from this man?", would you let your kids go on holiday with the same fish-finger-monger?

(nice looking sandwich)



8 years ago on Introduction

Wow..... I just realized my hunger is due to forgetting to eat any lunch today.



Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Too  late......   just now finished my second banana :-)