How to Make the Most Out of Social Media Campaigns

If you’re running a business, you must be well aware of the fact that social media marketing has become the most popular way of promoting products/ services online. But being present on all social platforms isn’t the way to gain loyal customers; there is a defined path to a successful social media marketing campaign.

You see marketers forever trying to catch up on the social media trends that will set their strategy apart from those of their competitors. But what they miss out on are the essential steps to creating a social media strategy in the first place. The result? Loss of customers.

Here’s how you can effectively use social media to attract customers (and ensure they stay):

Step 1: Understand Your Audience:

The first and foremost thing you need to do is recognize your target audience, analyze their demographics and based on which platform they are most active on, create your social profiles.

Step 2: Be Social:

Even though being present on the platform your audience is active on is of primary importance, it is also a wise decision to be a little more social by creating profiles on some other platforms as well. More the merrier; you never know which platform your audience will shift its interest to.

Step 3: Become an Authority in Your Field:

Once your social profiles are set, share content that tells your audience that you know your job. Share insights from your industry that will take them by surprise and add to their knowledge. This establishes you as an authority in your field and ensures that your audience keeps coming back for more.

Step 4: Create Consistent Content:

Update your social profiles regularly and maintain a consistent flow of content around topics relevant to your business. This makes your audience look forward to more in the same field.

Step 5: Integrate Your Social Profiles:

With a plethora of social media platforms available today, it’s a task in itself to update each profile individually. Integrate all your social profiles so that when you post on one, the others automatically get updated. This not just saves time, but helps you be consistent on every platform.

Step 6: Get Your Website Hosted:

Those from your audience who want to know more about your business will click through the links that you provide in your posts. Make sure the website is ready for them by getting web hosting services for it. This ensures that your website doesn’t suffer from technical breakdowns too often and your social media campaign remains successful.

And, here’s how you just shouldn’t:

Step 7: Overselling:

Your social profiles shouldn’t be in sync with the online catalog of your products/ services; it should be in sync with the stories trending around your business. Occasional promotion of your new launches is a good idea, but don’t always aim at sales, try engagement for a change.

Step 8: Competing:

Competition is a good thing and keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing is a wise call. But try not to focus only on the number of fans you generate with your social presence. Focus on building lasting relations with your existing customers/ prospects. Word of mouth is the best way to reach out to more people.

Step 9: Don’t Stick to Yourself:

Don’t always offer your own content because it is usually categorised as fabricated by people the world over. Promote your very own hashtag across all social networks and encourage people to share their content with the same. User generated content is not just a great way to build relations with your audience, but also a brilliant way to diversify your content, generating more leads.

Step 10: Post Too Often:

Even though maintaining a consistent flow of content across all your social profiles is highly advised, overdoing it may cause your content to be ignored. Create a content strategy that aims at sharing at most 3 stories a day at times when your audience is the most active.

How do you ensure your social media campaign remains effective? Share your tips with us.



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