How to Make the Pentagon

This instructable shows how to make the pentagon (paper airplane) I have no pictures but ill try to get a movie

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Step 1: Stock

For this you will need:
1 sheet of reagular printer paper
Good work space
set of good hands

Step 2: Phase 1

You need to fold your corner of paper over all the way to the other side like in the picture.
then do the same with the other side

Step 3: Phase 2

fold the tip of it down like the picture.
then fold in half

Step 4: Last But Not Least

fold to wear the side of the wing lines up with the bottom of the plane

Step 5: Video

heres the video

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    4 Discussions

    lil jon168

    11 years ago on Introduction

    im probly gonna get the video up today if you want to see it just try it and when you through it it turns upside down and glides like never before


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Some pictures with a flash would help.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty cool. You should get pictures up soon. There's no video up, and I don't know why it's voted +7, but nice job anyways.