How to Make the SkyShark Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make the SkyShark Paper Airplane

About: I am someone who mass produces paper airplanes and am always developing new designs. I post regular updates on Twitter. Follow me there to keep up with the latest developments!

Sharp, simple and stable the SkyShark is a paper airplane that looks like it could literally cut through the air. Although performance is good, compared to my other planes, its abilities can be regarded as moderate. Because of its large wing, low stall speed and adaptability, it also has the capability to be used as a trainer as well.

TAA USAF Designation: A109-1

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Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper

Step 2: Cover Fold Preparation

Fold one corner of your paper to the edge of the opposite side. Then open and repeat on the other side. Then pull the top half of the X onto the bottom half.

Step 3: Cover Folding

Tuck the paper in under itself. The pictures represents what the paper should appear like.

Step 4: Nose Folding

Fold the tip of the nose down to the bottom of the airfoil. Then fold the tip of the nose back up to the crease you just made on it. Then pull the tip forward so the second crease you made lays across the front of the paper.

Step 5: Wing and Dorsal Fin Folding

Fold your paper up in half along its center. Then measure and mark the point 3/4 of an inch above the center line along the trailing edge. Proceed to then fold the wing downs along this mark, with their trailing edges flush with those of the fuselage.Then, take your dorsal fins an, one at a time--fold them up all the way you can whilst keeping them both parallel to the fuselage.

Step 6: Winglet Folding

Measure 3/4 of an inch inwards from the wingtips along the trailing edge. Then fold the winglets up to this point, while making sure the trailing edges of the winglets are flush with that of the wing.  Then reverse the creases so the winglets are folded beneath the wing.

Step 7: Taping

Tape your Skyshark at its front, back and across its wing root.

Step 8: Flight

The SkyShark is a lightweight paper airplane with a large wing, making its launch speed slower than other airplanes. To launch your SkyShark and get the longest flights out of it, toss it at a moderate speed, at a downward or level attitude.

Because of its large expanses, several modifications can be made to the standard airframe, including split rudders (pictured below), slats, elevators, elevons, and spoilers and spoilerons (also pictured). Enjoy!

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