How to Make the Skylark Paper Airplane

About: I am someone who mass produces paper airplanes and am always developing new designs. I post regular updates on Twitter and Google+. Follow me there to keep up with the latest developments!

Of a boomerang shape, the Skylark is an elequent flying wing with no vertical surfaces.

TAA USAF Designation: A25-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch paper

Step 2: X Folding

Begin your Skylark with an X Fold from corner to side, corner to side. 

Step 3: Half Folding

Fold your paper in half along its center, then the X fold over itself.

Step 4: Tuck Folding

Fold your corners down over themselves as shown.

Step 5: Preparation to Your Security Fold

Fold the paper up to the center fold. Then fold it in again. After this, proceed to fold the trianglular fornt down, but do not insert the flaps. Fold your paper in half.

Step 6: Cutting Your Weight

From 2.5 inches off your wingtip, cut in towards the center fold and weight.

Step 7: Proceed With the Security Fold

Fold the two flaps into the triangle fold from before.

Step 8: Taping

Tape behind the counterweight pack as cited in the pictures.

Step 9: Flight

Your Skylark is now ready for flight. Release it after advancing it with your hand for about 8-12 inches.



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