How to Make the Spring Trap Mask




Finally this is the mask I think people were waiting for the whole time.

Just gotta get these materials first though.
-A roll of Eva Foam.
-Hot glue gun or paper clips
-some kind of Strap to keep the mask on your face.
-heat gun
-plasti-spray or flex seal (gives it that old, but rigid texture to it.)
-some pliers
-inspiration (very important!)

Step 1: Planning and Cutting Out the Eyes

This step includes cutting out the eyes for you to see out of them.

First off, make little holes with a pencil or needle in the mask where you can see through the tiny holes since that is your middle point to cut around in a diameter of it.

Secondly, use a circular item as a reference to cut out how big it should be perfectly. I used the bottom of my mannequin hand to make the size for me to see out of.

Step 2: Cutting Off the Top Half

You may need a ruler for this part since Eva foam is not paper, unless you just want to know how to make only the face to an unfinished head then might as well skip to step 4.

At most, you will need to make a guess at this part since I only cut this for my forehead to pop out a bit in a mask.

Just use the ruler to draw out the line straight through the middle of your Eva foam, and then cut it all off until you are satisfied with the way you made your mask.

Step 3: Get Distracted by a Squirrel

What? I never seen one back at Arizona at all.

Step 4: Making It Pop Out

Now you want your about to pop out correct? Just cut out the pieces as shown here to give it that extra push outwards.

Afterwards, cut out a set of 4 teeth since that is what you mostly see at the very top of his mouth. Hot glue the teeth between the back of the mask and the front of the big piece you cut out. Then hot glue everything together until satisfied.

Step 5: Cutting Out Extras

Just cut out any extras you wanted to cut out for your mask to look interesting to you and anyone else. The top part indeed needed to be cut in a curve for particular detail so it's not boxed up.

Step 6: Coating the Mask

Now, I might not have used plasti-spray paint for this project since I wanted this to be a more older looking mask like it was left around for too long.

So, my option was a can of flex seal since it is like plasti-spray paint, but it adds that cool messed up texture I was looking for.

Afterwards, you can spray paint it any color you want because this is the mask people will be interested to see anytime!

Enjoy your mask, and have a great day! :D




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    8 Discussions


    3 years ago

    How did you get your mask to have the curvature over your nose?


    3 years ago

    Can you make the Marionette mask as well? And, if your a horror fan (Assuming you are), SCP-046's mask?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the support of my Prototype mask, in honor of appreciation I'll be working on the Marionette mask as soon as possible.


    3 years ago on Introduction


    3 years ago

    Indeed the Eva foam is the best kind of material, but gotta be cautious of how to burn them as well to keep them in a certain shape.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, nicely done! You gotta love EVA foam, that stuff is great.