How to Make the Super Lightning Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make the Super Lightning Paper Airplane

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Fast, long range and adaptable, the Super Lightning is a versatile paper airplane with great potential for most anybody's needs. Although designed to replace the Lightning, the Super Lightning is greatly similar--so much so that, from above, the two cannot be distinguished from one another. The differences of the two exist below the wings, were part of their spars have been changed for better weight distribution and wing strength. A Lightning can be converted to the Super Lightning standard with a few simple steps. The Super Lightning is an excellent choice for replacing older types like the Super Sabre, Rapier and Destroyer Dart paper airplanes.

TAA USAF Designation: F251-1

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Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper
Scissors (advanced models only)

Step 2: Length and Width Folding

To begin making your Super Lightning, fold the paper into fourths. Do this by folding the paper in half along its length, then its width. Then open it along its width. It should now look like the paper in the last photograph.

Step 3: Canard Preparation Folding

Start this step by folding the paper down so that at the edges it come down to the edge's center and the width half fold. Then fold the paper of the corner into the crease as shown. Then fold the paper down again along the crease. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: More Canard Preparation Folding

Fold down the nose of the paper along the preexisting width half fold. When this is done, flip the paper over and pull the corners in toward the center. Then unfold and fold the wingtip edges of the paper in toward the crease. Then fold along the crease you just made with the first set of corner folds.

Step 5: Canard Folding

First of all, begin this step by flipping the paper over so the diamond-shaped folded paper section is on type. Then pull the paper open and flatten it as shown. Then fold a large isosceles triangle part of the flattened canard into itself and a small equilateral part of the more solid underlying paper onto the outside of the paper.

Step 6: Wing and Winglet Folding

First, fold the paper up in half along its center. Then with your ruler and pencil make marks one inch above the bottom of the fuselage, and one inch inwards from the wingtips along the trailing edges. Fold down both of the wings. Once both wings are folded, fold the winglets.

Step 7: Taping

Tape your Super Lightning at its front and back, and across the wing roots above each of these points. After this, your Super Lightning is ready for its maiden flight.

Step 8: Flight

The Super Lightning is an advanced airplane, but anybody who has flown the Hammerhead, Super Hammerhead, Strike Hammerhead or original Lightning should have little difficulty handling it. A moderately fast toss at a neutral attitude should give your airplane the fastest, longest range flights possible. Additional surfaces applicable include slats, flaps, flaperons, elevators, ailerons, elevons, rudders, an electronic warfare tail and air brakes. Enjoy!

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