How to Make the Super OmniDelta Paper Airplane

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A fast, long range, flying wing paper airplane, the Super OmniDelta is a fin-less development of heavyfire88's Outsider paper airplane.

TAA USAF Designation: F205-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch paper

Step 2: Width and Corner Folding

To begin, fold your paper in half along its width. Once it is folded in half along its width, pull the corner folds down.

Step 3: Nose and Corner Folding

Pull the tip of the nose back so that this tip lies 1 inch in front of the trailing edge. Then pull the corners in once again as shown.

Step 4: Taping

Tape your Super OmniDelta's airfoil sections down at their rears as directed.

Step 5: Flight

The Super OmniDelta is a fin-less flying wing which needs precise launches to achieve great flights. To launch your Super OmniDelta, hold it near its center as shown and advance it through the air at a moderate speed and release. This should result in an impressive flight reaching ~50 feet or more!




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    That looks alot like my type 3 flying wing but my type 3 doesn't just glide it fly like a fighter jet I use it to try and hit bats does a good job of keeping the bat away from my house