How to Make the Super Skyraider Paper Airplane

Introduction: How to Make the Super Skyraider Paper Airplane

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Long range, stable and versatile, the Super Skyraider is a reliable paper airplane that can fulfill many tasks. Because its airframe is relatively simple, it can be easily augmented in many different ways. Due to its excellent adaptability, the Super Skyraider can perform almost any task assigned to it.

Although its namesake is the reliable Skyraider and the two appear vaguely similar, the Super Skyraider has more in common in construction with the SkyShark.

TAA USAF Designation: A172-1

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Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper
Scissors (advanced models/additional surfaces only)

Step 2: Length Folding and Cover Fold Preparation

First, begin by folding your paper in half lengthwise. Then pull one corner of the paper downwards to the long edge of the other side. Then repeat this reversed, with the other corner.

Step 3: Cover Folding

Tuck the paper in under itself. The pictures represent what the paper should appear like. Then pull the cover fold's corners forward to the center.

Step 4: Landing Gear Folding

Fold the corners you just folded toward the center toward their own fronts over themselves as shown. Once this crease has been established, open the cover fold and tuck the paper in along and fold along the creases you just made. Once you have done this on both sides, flatten the cover fold as it was originally.

Step 5: Nose, Wing and Winglet Folding

Fold the tip of the nose to the trailing edge of the cover fold. Then pull the tip of the nose forward the crease made by the previous fold. Then pull the tip forward so the last fold lays over the leading edge of the wing. Then pull the tip of the nose so it is is over the leading edge. Once this done, fold the airplane up in half and from the center crease, measure up 1 inch along the trailing edge. This will be the mark you fold the wings down along. Then measure 0.75 inches inwards from the wingtip along the trailing edge. This will be the mark you fold the winglets up along.

With the marks in place, fold the wings down and align their trailing edges with those of the fuselage. Once each wing is folded down, fold the winglets up at the mark you previously made. Once you have done this for both winglets, pull their tips down to the creases that were made at the mark.

Step 6: Taping

Tape your Super Skyraider at its front, back and across its wing root. Then tape the landing gear to the airfoil. These pieces of tape will complete your Super Skyraider.

Step 7: Flight

The Super Skyraider is relatively easy to fly. For flights of the best possible range, launch at a moderate speed at a neutral or negative attitude. Additional applicable surfaces include slats, flaps, flaperons, elevators, ailerons, elevons, rudders, air brakes and underwing pods (to convert it to the "A172-1R" standard). Enjoy.

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