How to Make the Turbo Cadet Paper Airplane

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Fast, agile and stunt-capable, the sturdy Turbo Cadet is a great choice for a primary trainer. Its design is similar to its ancestor, the Cadet paper airplane, which was designed for a similar role. The Turbo Cadet is an aircraft closely related to the Turbo Skystreak, which is almost entirely common in design. 

Note: For those converting an existing Turbo Skystreak airframe, proceed to Step 7

TAA USAF Designation: TF225-1

Step 1: Materials

1 Piece of 8.5 by 11 inch Paper (Makes 2 Turbo Cadets/Skystreaks)
1 Prebuilt Turbo Skystreak

Step 2: Length Folding and Cutting

To start, fold your paper in half along its length. Then unfold and cut or tear along the crease. Now separate the two pieces and choose which one you want to use. (Note: 1 piece of 8.5 by 11 inch (A4) paper can make two Turbo Cadets).

Step 3: Fourth Folding

Fold your paper in half along its width, and then its length.

Step 4: Counterweight Folding

Now fold the top length half down to the center length crease. Then fold this fold in half. Now overlap this and repeat until the counterweight fold is on the other side of the length fold.

Step 5: Making the Fins and Taping

Begin construction of your fins by folding your airplane up in half. Then 3/4 of an inch (0.75 inches) in from the wingtip along the trailing edge. Then measure 1/2 of an inch (0.5 inches) in from the trailing edge along the wingtip. Then measure 3/4 of an inch straight into the wing from the mark you made along the trailing edge. Connect this mark to the one you made it from, and then along the wingtip. Then cut along the second line.

Step 6: Taping and Fin Folding

Tape your Turbo Cadet along its counterweight. Then fold its fins up, with their trailing edges parallel to that of the wing. This results in what can be a Turbo Cadet or a Turbo Skystreak. 

Step 7: Fuselage and Fin Folding and Taping

Fold your Turbo Cadet or Turbo Skystreak airframe up in half along its center. Then measure 0.75 inches from this center fold along the leading edge. Fold the wing down whilst aligning the trailing edge with that of the fuselage, keep the angle of incidence of 0 degrees. Then reverse the fold of the two vertical fins along their creases. Then tape the fuselage at its front and back. 

Step 8: Flight

Flying the Turbo Cadet is very easy. Give the aircraft  a moderate toss for a regular flight, or a fast toss for a stunt-demonstration flight. Additional surfaces that can be added to the standard airframe include: ailerons, elevators, elevons, flaps, flaperons, spoilers, spoilerons, rudders, air brakes and slats. Enjoy!



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