How to Make Torrents

Introduction: How to Make Torrents

Bittorrents have always gotten a bad wrap due to being associated with illegal downloading. But when used legally, it’s actually one of the best ways to share large files over the internet. So if you need a fast way to share your home movies, then here’s how you can turn them into torrents and share them with people.

Step 1: Downloading Utorrent

The first thing you need to do is download µtorrent.

Step 2: Set Up Utorrent to Work With Your Computer

When you launch µtorrent for the first time, it asks you to set your bandwidth, upload speed and network information. If you’re not sure about your bandwidth and upload speed, you can click “run tests” at the bottom to use the best configurations. Then click "Save & Close".

Step 3: Check Port Forwarding

If you’re running this through a router, you’ll need to forward the port number it gives you through your router so that people can see your torrent. If you’re not sure how to do that or even what it is, you can watch my video on port forwarding, which is found here.

Step 4: Create a New Torrent

Click on the magic wand icon to create a new torrent. Click on Add file to add a single file as a torrent. If you want to add multiple files, click on Add directory. Just make sure that only the files you want to torrent are in that directory. Under Torrent properties, you want to enter a tracking URL so that your torrent has a way to be located. You can use openbittorrent, which is a free tracker, or you can use the popular tracker, as well as any other tracker you may want to use. Then check the “start seeding” box, click “create and save as” and choose a place to save it to. Now you can either create another one, or close out of it. You should now see it seeding.

Step 5: Make Your Torrent Public

The last step is to make your torrent public. To do this, you need to upload it to a torrent site. There are tons out there, but the one I’ll be using is You’ll first need to create an account, and then click “upload”, select your category, and upload your torrent. Then it will give you a URL of your torrent that you can give to others.

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