How to Make Trading Card Game

This shows how to make a trading card game, a trading card game is similar to a board game but there come out new cards so then you have to buy them, why waste your money? Make your own game with $2!

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Step 1: What You Need

Poster board Sharpie Paper Tape ( for rares ) Makers, colors pencils A card to trace ( unwanted ) Scissors Notebook

Step 2: Setting Up

To start, get one sheet of paper and trace as much of your card as you can on that single piece ok paper

Step 3: Writing the Rules

This is 70% the most part of this project. Start writing the types of cards ( monster, spell, etc.) Then put different attributes ( wind, water ) after that make sure to add rarity. Then you can add what you want :)

Step 4: Your Cards!

Now this is the money part, if you can hand draw your cards that's good, but time effective. Or you can print you cards. Website recommended trading

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    3 years ago

    You say is a good website to print trading cards or if you are trying to make pokemon cards just go to